Part I
Eulerian Path
This Cursed Blood
Death Mimics Life
Part II
Bountiful Godless Life
Forever Night

Credit where credit is due:





A deepest apprecation:

Anagnorisis thanks: Falk Audio, Dave Brenner & Earsplit PR, Ken Sorceron & Abigail Williams, Sam Brashear, Hilary Reinen, Terry Harper (dot com), Tom King, Kurt Strecker, AJ Lucas, Tim Haertel & TNT Productions, Kim Fanning, Chip Adams, The Denhams & Reinens, Josh Inzer, Jeremy & Meghan Fitzgerald, Angryblue, Tyler Zoeller, Cliffy Madden & Vaudeo Productions, Alice Hartman, Loyd Coy, Ashley Adams, Nick Holland, and all of our dedicated fans.

Zak - I sincerely appreciate the support from my family, friends, and comrades in Anagnorisis. My sanity and creativity would be nonexistent without the inspiration from my father and my wife. I'm forever in your debt.

Zachary thanks: my brothers in Anagnorisis and Summer Whalen for her support.

Samuel dedicates this release to the 10 billion land animals killed for food every year in the United States. Help end this senseless slaughter and go vegan.

Josh thanks: Mom, Adam, Matthew Grandma, Steve, Brenda, Brendan and Dad, for your on going love and support. Josh Holmes, Greg Moore, Darrian Phillips, Michael Temple, AJ Lucas, Matt Hilbert, Nick Larry, Liam Payne, Allen Wilson, and Fraggle, all for your patience with my hectic schedule, and being some the best friends and band-mates I could ask for. Foster Lucas, Carina Boyd, Corey Butler, Mike Rainer, Emily Fiedler, Molly Waters, Jimmy Miller for always being there. Jared Keltner, Evan Masterson, Jayce Wraley, Carl Wallace, John Stillman, Blake Weeks, William Sullivan, Brent Allen, Evan Fowler, Mike Hargrave, Mike Kruse, Jake Dieffenbach, Brody Uttely, Adam Biggs, Jon Kunz, Ron Nelson, Tom King, Dave Palenske and the rest of the VOS dudes, Nick Holland, Nathan Barnes, and the rest of the Traitor dudes, Corrine Graves, Ed Borho, Tyson and Cheyenne Powell, Loyd Coy, Emily Reinen, April Fultz, Summer Whalen, Billie Jo Lucas, Starla Fultineer, Cliffy Madden, Tyler Zoeller, Jason Phillips, Alfonso Williams, John and Debbie Gorges, and anybody else who has supported and helped me or this band in any way shape or form. Chris, Zak, Zach and Sam for giving me the opportunity to tour, perform and blaspheme with you. And for being some of the most solid, reliable band-mates and friends I have. Lucifer, for the undying inspiration. And finally, Chris Mumford, for driving me absolutely fucking everywhere. Fuck the goddamn Westboro Baptist Church. Hails.